i cleaned my room today
the floor barren of any hint that i was there
the calendar finally new and bare
the bed up made all nice and neat (despite the english bull terrier lying on the sheets)

i am dreaming about this new summer
the adventures i can finally bring myself to speak
the friends i can finally drive across town to see
the books i’ve put off so long to read

i have become dizzy with reminiscent feelings
the summers that i spent in the heat
the music to my ears of a constant, consistent beat
the taste of that cotton candy ice cream i get to eat next week

i have become fond of this season now
the warm, baking sun of the day
the plastic chairs, constantly in a state of disarray
the loving friends that i don’t see in may

summer is a new gift
one that i disliked before
one that i was always sure wasn’t the one i adored
one that i now can hold onto forevermore