A Trilogy Number One *** Lost Love 0ne  
From somewhere in the night                                    
                        a bell rang.                        
And through the dark                        
the ringing of it                        
echoed across valleys                                    
                        over hills                        
and into my mind.                        
For hearing it                       
reminded me of a time.                          

A time when thoughts were clear                                    
                        and crisp                        
when my heartbeat                        
with love and understanding.                          

And the ringing grew clearer                                                          
I saw you standing                        
before me                        
in a cloud                                    
                            and soft                       
smiling at me.                          

My eyes                        
stained with ancient tears                        
widened at the sight.                          
The bell                                    
                           that distant chime                        
continued to penetrate my memory                        
the darkness                                    
                            could not absorb your glow.                        
I begged for your touch                        
but the cloud                                    
                            the mist around you                                    
                            the echoes of the ringing                                    
                            the moans of my mind                                    
                            the weeping of my tears                                    
                            the tremble of my soul                        
only served to make the passion stronger
and then                                    
                             you laughed…                        
you laughed at me                        
and my longing for you…                                    
                               just as you always did.                          
The bell rang                                    
                                and you died again.  
Tony Sexton