I saw my mother today.  
Didn’t realize it was her at first.  
Guess it was because she was in the garden.  

But there she was, khaki capri pants, 
Red Sketcher tennies, and cap 
Sleeve Rod Stewart t-shirt.

She was sittin side saddle across the
Back of a beautiful, blue dragonfly.
Sunglasses on, hair blowin in the wind.

She’s always had great hair.  

I’m pretty sure she just stopped by to
Prove to me that what she 
Told me is 100 percent correct.

Dragonflies have four wings so they can 
Transport angels back from heaven for a visit.

She didn’t say anything, just blew me a kiss,
Tugged on the reins and she was off.
Twenty tiny shoe boxes strapped on the back. 

She’s always loved shoes.