When you wake because you can’t sleep anymore;
When you rest because you don’t want to wake.
With the metal man at your back;
Nearly knocks you off your feet.
Just so you can feel down,
Everyone seems to know what think you cannot grasp, 
And you always come straight back.
Gonna stop on a high,
The biggest lie is told when they say I told you so. 
Worthwhile ambitions,
For a body soon worthless.
Self esteem is such a funny thing, you know.
Just surviving, seems as pointless as a war between the sun and moon.
Awash in a sea, where dreams are spent;
Teetotal, you’re no better than that.
You know me well enough,
For me to not be anything but ashamed.
Beneath that veneer is a half smile,
That holds up a frame.
Cannot cry aloud when I feel helpless,
Can only moan when letting go.
The glass coffin,
The plastic body;
The burn and accelerant.
Naivety is what makes us;
I’m reborn every day.
Every time I drop my hands,
And every time a bottle breaks.
The little prayer, the little peace;
Is as fruitless as a deaf congregation.
To just survive is more pointless,
Than a war between the sun and the moon.
Sometimes you’re just not what you need to be;
You know me well enough to show some shame.
When you wake because someone needs you;
When you rest because you’re no longer needed.
To do anything else, is as pointless as a war between the sun and moon