A day or two

Of rain

Is peaceful

And it let’s me think.

Like Kenny Chesney said,

“Save it for a Rainy Day”

But a weeks worth of rain

Is a week full of pain

My thoughts flood my brain

Like the rain floods the creek

Instead of letting a few feelings

Out of my capped jars

Lightning hits my house

And all of them shatter

They consume me

The clouds are grey

And I can’t get out of this funk

Because the rain won’t go away

Rain is supposed to be the

Cousin that visits

Every now and then

But right now,

They’ve moved in.

Maybe this feeling is always there

And happiness is just like the sun

Covering up the grey, shining light

On the rain filled clouds

But damn, I need a vacation

From my brain

Soaking up sun and sipping on a daiquiri

But that’s not how it works

I’m stuck here, and yes,

I have self love.

But love is like a road,

There’s bumps,





And sometimes the road is wet,

From all of this rain.