let’s re-write the bulletin so all are welcome;
let’s open up past orders
of worship  

we’ve come to the time of service
where decency commands change  

because i picture faces, spaces,
particular places of racism, in stores, on the street.
privilege presents itself in seeing racism in scenes,
not understanding it is the scenery  

my friend prays in a sanctuary of trees,
sings with a choir of song birds,
calls a familiar hello to chattering chipmunks,
feels seen in lush, breathing growth  

a place that is holy to us is often a locus
of stares and distrust for Black friends.
i can only imagine the challenge of seeking God’s peace
under the eye that would call you loiterer
before seeing you as fellow pilgrim.  

racism is setting-turned-character of the american story.
examine complicity—yes, whites have benefitted, even unintentionally.
it’s beyond time for intentional change, for futures to be re-written
before they repeat the past.  

our service must let live,
let flourish the holiness of others.