Like a snake sheds its skin, uncomfortable but natural, 
familiar and awkward, painful yet temporary,
Here we go.  

There’s something lovely in finally flinging to the wind
in turning loose, in letting fall 
this broken skin and all its kisses
For all it’s let you slow down, savor, let you touch through time
discovery, becoming familiar, to dissect into separate instants
and love each one entirely on its own
to let each moment resonate in empty space. 

Song is sound and time, don’t rush the tempo.

Where you’re going, I can’t follow
shouldn’t even watch
although I do,
marvel at the mess the world makes
give you a kind of privacy by focusing on the leftovers.

Clearly you’re otherwhere in the ether
separating into smaller, more basic components
able now at last to be the rain. 

for Robert Gregory