Above the city
A woman hangs her sheets
in love with the smell of fresh air filtered through linen
that greets her as she snuggles into a single bed.

Above the city
A man tosses a plastic disc to a border collie
enamored with the dedicated attention his best friend devotes
to watching its flight.

Above the city
A couple quaffs a vintage of wine
thankful to be up up up
in pristine silks and hand-tooled leathers.

Above the city
A boy kisses a girl
adoring her seven-freckled face that smiles with forgiveness
for his fumbling lips.

Above the city
a priest atones
head bowed knees bent as he waits for the bells below or the blessing above to 
fall on his ear.

Above the city
a city
lovely in its loneliness
alone in its loveliness.