I have no idea where I am.

Not that I’m exactly lost-
apparently home and the UK Arboretum
are within walking distance-
I just don’t know the way
that gets me back
to comfort the quickest.

When I found the curious woods
deep into my morning stroll,
my explorative spirit was ensnared
by its spiderwebs of dirt paths.
Taking care not to step
on the skittering daddy-longlegs
venturing across the trodden trails,
I marveled at this so unknown slice of nature.

Soon the trees gave way into
open sunny spaces, and I was mystified;
thought, surely it couldn’t be the college
but then I saw the watchful water tower.
From new angles I approached sculptures,
flowerbeds, and butterfly gardens
I hadn’t visited in years and sat in the shade
of massive trees dotting the hills.

Not once had I ever considered
the reach of this conservatory land,
how small the world can really feel,
how far you can go with just a piece of truth.
With better preparation,
I can brave going further quicker,
spend more time appreciating nature,
the beauties of outside.

Of course, that will mean knowing my way, too.
So caught up I’ve been in wanderings and wonderings
I never marked the path that brought me here
but that only adds to the adventure.
I know, in time, I will get home
even if I have to spend another hour walking.
For today, I have no idea where I am.
Tomorrow, I will be all the better for it.