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Lexington Poetry Month
After Apologizing Months After I Should Have
article by
Amanda Holt

I scour the grout in my bathroom
For the first time,
Ballooning thickets of bleach-foam with a toothbrush,
Sweating the square feet
For hours.

When I wipe away the froth,
Murky with years of soap scum,
Spilled coffee,
And see the tiles, now seamless–
One white plane–

How could I not have seen past
The fuctioning
To the vast potential
For improvement?

3 responses to “After Apologizing Months After I Should Have”

  1. Lisa Miller Henry says:

    Yes! Isn’t it amazing when they everyday chores create realizations? Nice work.

  2. Melva Sue Priddy says:

    I feel like this every time I clean all the windows in my house.

  3. Gaby Bedetti says:

    “scour,” “grout,” and “scum”–I like seeing these words in a poem, together with a great title.

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