I write a poem 
about how I feel
about your actions,
staying in my feels.
What had happened was…

Most don’t know
they get a poem.
After it’s written
I’m over it!

The Oprah of poetry,
you get a poem
and you get poem,
everybody gets a poem!

Moving on to the next offender.
This is equal opportunity poetry.
Never without free material.
Never recreating bad interactions.

The creative part is the poetry 
of putting feelings into senses.
Most of life is suppressing emotion, 
I’m pouring mine out on the page rather
than throwing it in someone’s face.

Not changing the world
only my reaction to it,
mentally healthier for it.
And the offender is free to offend others.
Hopefully, creating more poets from it.
Whew, the benevolence of it all is remarkable!