Not a she, not a he, a whisper on the breeze

A soul unbound by labels, a spirit flowing free
No box can hold the essence, the spectrum that I see
A canvas splashed with moonlight, a symphony off-key
The world in binary colors, a chorus in two parts
But I exist in silence, a world within my heart.
Not drawn to dress or armor, the trappings of the game
My spirit seeks the starlight, a flicker, not flame
The pronouns fall like echos, a language not my own,
They brush against my being, a seed that’s never sown
My essence lies in starlight, a whisper in the breeze, 
A constellation forming, defying all the seas.
They search for definitions, a box to put me in
But I am vast and boundless, a tapestry within
So let the labels crumble, the expectations cease
For I am agender, existing in sweet peace