caldera of cranium
split away like atoms of uranium
what was once Lancelot
houses essence of Lord Mordred

unknown to the unattuned
Mordred sifted through all degrees of magic
savoring necessity for a half life
expelling the rest outward from Camelot

just enough to subsist off
situation seems adjacent to barren
no longer great and powerful by magic
but now as Lancelot wields Excalibur

Percival apparates of Daedalus
strikes his sword beside the former Labyrinth
fists at the ready to beat down Lancelot
unsure of how Excalibur has been lifted up

here Mordred downpours deception
“the sword rested in my backside over years
why should it not respect the blood
this parasite has only leeched of?”

Percival snapped at sacrilege
before stepping with balled fists
as Mordred looses Excalibur from his wrist
until Daedalus reminds the two

we may be all there is