One vial for raven magic—
afternoon moon embraces her
sun blues her feathers
she banks–one wing strokes river                                    
                                        the other steeples in the apple-chilly air  

Second vial for bone alchemy—
heels & toes swim in soil
grass beatifies knees
pelvis sways in mistral
chest rises with hills, falls with flurries                        
                            skull emerges as snowflake—rime    rib    ridge

Another vial for seahorse sorcery—
crescent tail curls around coral
spring tides ballet her brown body
her belly to his, eggs surge into him
                                        she gallops upwards & away  
Last vial for volcano conjury—
magma honeycombs mantle
electric orange mounts dome
stone flows
roots shudder
                         at lava’s red glare & rock bombs breaking in air
                                                    to make way for Beltane’s
                                                                 strawberry moon
                                                                  which all choose                                                
                                                     their own paths.