You killed all the
Nice queer people and all
That’s left is me,
With my shaking hands
And cracking voice,
And fear giving way to anger,
And a tiredness that nestles
Even deeper into my bones.

Way back in March was my second
Transgender rememberance day,
Where the community mourns all
Of it’s trans and nonbinary and genderflud
And gender nonconforming siblings,
Because they were killed for
Daring to be themselves,
In a world that would rather
Bury their dead “sons” and “daughters”
Than have a child who changed their
Name and gender markers
To the right ones.

Because being trans and queer
In any time in America
Is an act of deviance and rebellion,
Where I could get beaten up for
Using the “wrong” bathroom,
And it would by my fault
Because I am other,
I am a freak,
They do not understand me,
And therefore that makes
Me the enemy.

But you have sat next to me
In classrooms
And on the school bus,
In the bathroom stall next to me
While my anxiety mounted as
I waited for the bathroom to clear
Out so I could leave comfortably
And I know when you look at me
You do not know what box
To force me into.

And I want to know,
You owe us all the answer,
Of how many more of our
Siblings have to die before
You realize that we are people too.
I am as human as you are.

But you have killed all the
Nice queer people and all
You have left is me,
And I am making my anger
Into a louder voice
That will never be silenced
Because you can cut out
My tongue and you can
Take away my human rights
And you can even kill me

But the truth is that you will
Always be more afraid of me
Than I of you.