Airy alternating asymetrical afterglow
Bringing bright beams beautifully behind
Continually cleansing cushioning clouds
Donning dense dawn/dusk dichotomy
Entering elevated existential ebb
Far, far fanning forseeable flames
Greatly, gainfully, gloriously giving grace
Happily handing heavenly heartfulness
In infinite incandescent inanimity
Justly jarring jaunty joviality
Kissing kookaburra, killing kudzu
Laughingly, liltingly, lullingly liberating
Melancholy moon meaningfully marking
Nautical nightly nova nearing
Ocean of obscurity, overly
Protecting primeval past/present
Quickly, quietly, quizzically quelling
Rushing rapids relentlessly ripping
Sea storm sending stars
To tenuously tie together
Ultimate undertow upsetting upward
Vast voluminous valley, validating
Water’s wondrous wet wild
Xylophonic xenia, xenobiotically xysting
Yammering, yelling, yawning young