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Lexington Poetry Month

Alone and Righteous


Walking back down to the convenience store

For some smokes and a bag of ice

I feel so isolated, so alone


Nobody but me, it seems

Is excited about the Women’s World Cup


At lunch, I made special sure that I recorded the game

Home last night for 30 seconds

Just long enough to crack a cold beer

And push “Play”


Oh, our young ladies shown bright last night

13-0 over Thailand (a new record)

The work, the skill, that extra pass

That tore the Thai defense into tiny pieces, all alone




I asked the clerk and the Chinese spy

I asked two random customers

All looked at me with the compassionate smirk

Reserved for the retarded






If I went to church I would skip it

If there’s chores to be done I will vanish

Guests will consider me rude


Share in this communion but if not

I, only one, will be there

2 responses to “Alone and Righteous”

  1. Gaby Bedetti says:

    I’ve never felt so guilty about missing a game! I love the way the title and responses at the convenience store give a bit of edge to your lyric.

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