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Lexington Poetry Month

Alone in the dark


You’re alone, in the dark.

With the light off
you feel
so lonesome
that you feel
like the lonesome
will haunt you. That’s
when you know that you need
to go outside and get some fresh
air and you do that and there’s
a boy staring
at you.

He likes you.
The next month
you marry him
and then 
think to yourself
I will
never be lonesome

12 responses to “Alone in the dark”

  1. Wow Abra! I love your poem!!

  2. Courtney says:

    I’m glad you finished it even though it scared you. Very brave!

  3. Sally Lindsay says:

    That’s very good Abra.

  4. I remember when you were very young, you asked me why you had to sleep alone. I didn’t have a good answer. Still don’t. Here’s to keeping the lonesome from haunting us! And here’s to love!

    • Vicki McCurry says:

      Family keeps the loneliness away. I love the poem but it does scare me that she thinks a boy will keep her from being lonesome

  5. Dennis Preston says:

    You’ve written a really good poem!

  6. HB Elam says:

    Continuing to blow me away.

  7. Joseph Nichols says:

    Wow, Abra.
    I love this one for so many reasons I can’t begin to explain. Trust that poet heart!! ?

  8. Bonnie Omer Johnson says:

    What a lovely and complete poem. Thank you. And let us not be haunted by the loneliness.

  9. Gaby Bedetti says:

    Amazing how you “know that you need/ to go outside and get some fresh/ air.”

  10. Susan Stephens says:

    I feel this, girl. I love the turn of your poem from dark and spooky to bright and hopeful! You are very wise!

  11. mtpoet says:

    Look out Chris, a budding point and romantic already…

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