I sit alone in many places
When they leave I feel relief
I sti alone in my car no traces
I sit alone at PEETS in disbelief

I sit alone on my green plush davenport
with the lonely bed tucked inside
I sit alone and sometimes wonder . . .
What it would be like to teleport

I sit alone in a sea of thoughts playing with words and phrases
a snail mail love letter found in my P.O. Box
Alone I read words painting hazes and mazes
I see you alone scripting this poem to me

I am alone even when I’m not alone
making friends with a friendly alone
When alone it’s easy to see how I am but a loan to me

It’s no longer lonely being alone
Funny in a strange out there way
Like a magic solo dance you may say
I stretch my mind and aura . . . curtsy and take a bow

in honor of me
I can now see