Something amazing.
Something amazing!!!
These words echoed in the chambers of my head
What possibly can I find? As I gazed down at the thin paper.
I saw in this page a miracle
A freedom of creation and speech and most of all the power of my voice as I read each letter
But it goes further than that. I see the mill that created this piece of paper to me
The company that delivered it
The man that chopped the tree down
I saw his family he provides for by working his 40-hour week away
I saw his dreams and speech he wants to say
I saw the tree that grew from the rain, clouds and sun
I saw the universe that made the Earth so.
See it’s not hard to notice that just by you being here let alone everything around you is amazing
Even at your lowest day filled with remorse or worry
You being here is a miracle.
The walls, the trees, the roof, the clothes, the fibers of everything of your life
You are AMAZING.
Every day is amazing knowing that within us… we are all united by the same things that create the universe.
The laughter of a love one
The times you sat on a couch after a long day of work
The food on your table
MUSIC that dances around you
The breeze of wind after figuring out who you want to be
The hope someone’s smile gives.
So, when asked to write something amazing about your day or week?
Man… there is more than just one thing to write about…
Because just being able to talk in general about anything…