Everyone wants their children to thrive.
How does the saying go? If you teach a man to fish…

Why don’t you want to be a carpenter? I say aloud
to winding road and son, an imprisoned passenger.

Why don’t YOU know how to build your own house?
If you live in a house you should know how to build it. 

Does everyone who wants to use the toilet know how to be a plummer,
guiding the connections, tightening the notches, lines in, lines out?

Does everyone know how to poop?

What will you do to support yourself,
care for yourself, believe in yourself?

Smoke weed
and die.

Do you know how to grow marijuana?

No, it’s harder than you think.

If you grow one or two plants you can harvest seeds.
Seeds to anything is everything.

The female grows the bloom
the male grows the seed, like sperm.
The female and male who grow too close together
are hermaphrodites.

I didn’t know that.

Everyone knows that.

I didn’t know that.
Why not get a degree in agriculture?

Why don’t YOU get a degree in agriculture?

You can grow coffee,

You are the one who likes coffee.

and weed…

I don’t know how to grow it.

Then learn.

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If you teach a man to fish
he may plant seeds instead.

*(Medicinal Marijuana is legal in Hawaii.)