I gave you my purity.
Thought I wanted to give you everything.
Traded my life and comfort for you.
I combed my brain trying all I could do.
But my heart was met with disgrace.
Forgot all that defined my name.

I remember arguments at night,
Seemed your past urged you to fight.
For no reason at all your tongue turned to a knife.
You became a cancer in my life.
Another hit to the face,
as the roaches watched and your children played.

I didn’t know how far I had fell,
Trapped by naivety’s spell.
I never had an obligation to try,
Nursing three troubled minds,
at the cost of mine. 
I don’t understand how you can forget
and never question why.

There was an absence of color in me.
And I must admit that I am sorry,
to my friends and family.
Watching me suffer in silence.
Eaten alive by emotional violence.
Pain is the time I’ve lost.
You were never worth your cost.

You gave me back my anxiety.
I sunk in hatred and lost sight of my dreams,
even the ones where I’m free,
loving my life and everything.
Counting the days of my sentence in the shower alone,
savoring silence in my car,
arriving at the life I loathe.

There is an absence of color in me.
You’ve made an absence of color in me.