Of your soul,

Of the way you praise Jesus.

Of the way that God smites sinners,

Even his own god-damned son.


This is—


An account of the way you treated women.

Fucking whores, the lot of them. The only things they’re good for is cooking, cleaning, and sex.


An account of the way your Bible tells you homosexuals are an 


while the penis in your mouth expels its demons.


An account of the fact that you hated your mother because of her vagina. It was her safe place. You were evicted. And she never let you back in.


An account of the institutionalized misery of men. Showing emotion makes you a girl. Empathy means your gay.


An account of this is bullshit. I wish things would go back to the way they were, when no one challenged our privilege.


This an evangelical account

of your life.

Of you burning energy foolishly

to stay in power.


Of you not knowing that Jesus didn’t rise from the dead to prove he could;

He did it to show everyone that he holds responsible—accountable.


Our father,

Thou who art in heaven.

What the fuck is your problem?