I know it’s cheesy or cliche to say

but you were

a special part of my childhood

and my teenage years,

someone whose movies

I enjoyed and sought out.


As a sensitive, intelligent child

it was probably easy for me

to identify with the characters you played,

gentle, nerdy men

who were often underdogs.


Little Shop Of Horrors

was probably

the first scary

(for me)


that I fell in love with,

paving the way

for my later enjoyment

of horror comedies like Scream.

I wore that soundtrack out.

It’s still a favorite.


You serenading your wife

with the song “Close To You”

in Parenthood

was vulnerable and romantic.


When I discovered SCTV,

I fell in love with Bob and Doug McKenzie.


It’s funny how

the actors we watch as children

feel like friends.

And though I don’t know you,

that is what you were to me.

Someone who could make me smile and laugh.

Someone I felt safe with.


I understand why you stopped making movies.

I think it’s beautiful you chose

to prioritize your loved ones.

I know you’ve been having fun making music.

I know you may never return to acting.

And I understand that too.


I’ve just been thinking about you lately.

Like great actors we have lost to death

or old age,

you’re someone I miss seeing on the screen.

I just wanted to say thank you for all the laughter

and to let you know

you are still beloved.


If you ever decide to return to acting,

there are many of us

waiting to embrace you.


Either way,

I hope you are happy

and I wish you the best.