4: Something New Under the Sun (Alexandra Kleeman)


                              just like at IKEA, in the desert, in the way a child investigates

                              the Precambrian and hates that

                              your struggled kindness imposes on their time


                              just like in the room where your grandmother

                              last failed to know your name

it’s real easy to fuckin lose _____(1)_____ in the goddam WAT-R store

          A.) it

          B.) track of time

          C.) your soul

          D.) your way

          E.) every last molecule of hydration

               from your precious lips to your gravlax-locked sphincter

wending in and out rows

of everything everything everything

but at least you can’t tell the difference

between water and _____(2)_____

          A. water

          B. water

          C. your soul

          D. water

          E. everything everything everything


when you stand in the pyral, suburban sprawl

the way you’ll be forgotten is really just water, too