So much time facing a lit screen
Ignoring what the windows show outside—

And now the weather woos me,
Won’t take no for an answer.

Perfumes, softness, light shows.
I fix my stubborn jaw toward work.

Uh-oh. Resolve washes off like cheap paint
In the third shower of sweet rain.

Beauty, you siren, you who will not be denied—
I yield into the street, into the thrilling air.

You do not let up: three clouds from different families
Pose and turn and call. I take it personally. 

All this big love, these reasons to live,
This primordial beckoning to still the brain and fire the heart.

I walk in evening sky that drapes to the living earth,
Touching, touching, touching.

Air so tender I hear music in the key of lemon,
Courtesy of what? Magic magnolias just out of sight?

A night of sleep as thick as water,
A morning filled with fog. Yours yours I am yours.