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Lexington Poetry Month

annie rose


annie rose

her spirit
is that of a woman who knows she’s closer to death than her younger self

she paints with life giving corals and wild abandon yellows
all muddied on the canvas with red flower tiles

she’s fighting and letting go all at once
wearing all of her favorite things together even that gaudy ring no one else wanted

do you see the sparkle in her eyes
do you see the chemo killing all the cancer
and her bones carrying her frame more upright

she moves me
this woman
she moves the earth
and draws us all magnetic to her side

4 responses to “annie rose”

  1. Dennis Preston says:

    Beautiful poem. I especially love the descriptive colors!

  2. Touching tribute. I wish I knew Annie Rose. I guess I kind of do now! Thank you.

  3. Gaby Bedetti says:

    I agree with Dennis about your use of color and the magnet image at the end is fresh and succinct.

  4. Jennifer Curtis says:

    Very beautiful.

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