13: The Ultimatum: Queer Love (2023)


never lived down to admitting that i liked Wife Swap to my best friend’s dad when we were in twelfth grade

‘Nothing wrong with it’

‘Says something about you, though’

what what what? that it isn’t my mother who tears up my realities, it’s just

my own shatterglass genetics, my own too-long navel-gazing prone-seeking

ill, ill brain? smear two silly geese together you get silly

goslings. the gauziness of what i understands is tissue beneath a blanket of

eternal year marriages, centuried and generation-eaten quilts.

it’s culture, it’s cringing at what i can’t



i don’t get it.


i get tax breaks, i get the right to hold your partner’s hand in the hospital

and rites, rites, rites;

i’m not right, i’m losing sleep over the way y’all say




like it’s more than some pretty number.