Sky in a bottle/ clouds just hazy vision.
Another night in bed/ another awake dream.
The intelligence others perceive/
Just part of another delusion.
Ideas in a jumble/
The darkness strains the mind.
In my eyes there’s a world/
Every dream is another sunny day.
I can be better/
I am eating well now.
I am out going/
My family are my friends.
Deeper down/
I find more understanding.
Misery is comfort/
Friends until it leaves.
Self abuse is obsession/
Subconscious deception.
Ribs tear skin/
Always eating.
Always criticizing/
Convincing the stomach to be full.
I will always have another day/
I can always go deeper still.
I can always have friends/
I can always be interesting.
I will always be doubtful/
Family will always reassure me.
It’s just the way some people are born/
The sky is my wish, kept in a bottle.
Off to bed/
The clouds are just hazy vision.