I am bone-marrow tired,
And fresh out of breath,
From attempting to
Anticipate, incorparate, navigate, 
And acclimate
To our revamped reality.  

Selfies in rapid succession
The constant need for self-expression
Swipe left, swipe right for true lust
In the power of likes we trust
Every mundane thought shared
No detail can be spared    
Daily posts, stories, reels
Revealing deepest feels
Filtered and curated
Every flaw obliterated
Trigger warning required
Cancel culture, you’re fired

No longer beings, but a brand
I no longer care to understand,

My relevancy is risidual
Participation just habitual 
So, I think  
I’ll just pour a stiff drink,
Unfold a rusty lawn lounger,
Settle in on the grass,
And watch this parade pass.  

Without taking a single photo. 

Please, feel free
To throw me
And a disgusted sigh,
As you march by.