I counted thirteen lawn ornaments

in the yard

of the house            at the end of my street

a chipped grey cement kitty cat

a mossy green scaly smiling dragon

a round purple pig       nose tilted          up to the sky

a sprightly yellow rabbit    tall on his hind legs

a pair of hollow white washed talking heads

a shiny bespectacled blue grasshopper riding an orange bike

a white carousel horse with red saddle and gold merry-go-round post

a boy clutching a UK blue basketball

a tan sad clown with permanent concrete tears

a rainbow VW van complete with weather worn gnome atop

a brown squirrel nibbling a turquiose nut

a cotton candy pink angel with a broken wing

front and center

in a sacred spot

sits a bright carrot orange         Buddha         with dinner mint green       cloak

reminding me         that enlightenment can be found

anywhere                       in any color