Bewildered on what may briskly appear 
mistily on the river I veer 
moonlit with drear,
leaves fallen here

I steer unclear a pioneer on new frontier 
suspicion and fear with timber fallen near
trodden I hear, the rustling of deer?

I peek to my rear until my neck becomes blear 
wicked thoughts interfere,
will my mind persevere?

I pulled off to a clear and started my way through a garden 
a gnome whose home was guarded had given me pardon
three trees twisted then hardened eerie they parted
bleary bark afflicted, discarded as life had departed 
a dreary dark left uncharted as I left faintly hearted

but away with the thwarted,
a contorted suns beam appears here wiping my mind clear
creating a purple atmosphere that makes a premier in a time of year that I hold very dear
my kayak I steer into a violet sphere of hues vibrantly smeared,
altering me in extremes
I started witnessing awesome things,
like fall blossoming 
or falling leaves offered as orange offerings to a 
forest floor scene of color schemes i’ve only seen in dreams