You want to know my ability?
If my character will get in the way of utility?
ask my wife

She’s my first leadership position
a reflection of my true heart’s condition
Don’t confuse the role of man
If she’s hurting, issue that reprimand
She’s looking to me to lead her
My job to open the Word and feed her

ask my wife
if I listen well after working all day
or do I snap when she’s in the way
is my expectation she cook every meal
or to engage in a relationship that’s real
am I helping her make space for passions
or trying to control all her actions
ask my wife

The truth is
I can’t fake it with this woman
like, what kind of man am I at three in the morning
Jacob screaming and she doesn’t budge
exhausted from caring for him all day
or, Hey baby, here’s the plan for the day
she looks at me like,
you didn’t ask if that was okay
take my interests into consideration
I’m not a satellite orbiting your space station

You want to know my character
mix familiarity
and exhaustion
see what’s in my heart
Then praise God for compassion
Without Jesus
There’s no way I’m passin
just ask my wife