A found poem drawn from the New York Times, June 27, 2022 

They died in San Antonio as temperatures topped 100 degrees.
The truck was abandoned near a salvage yard.
It was a refrigeration truck but there was no working A.C.
                                             It was discovered by a worker.
                                             The doors were partially open.
                                             A number of bodies were inside.
People taken to hospitals were hot to the touch. Officials did not say
                                             how the people died.
                                             Extreme heat was thought to be the cause.
The death toll appears to be one of the highest in recent years.
The mayor said, “I urge you to think compassionately.”
A woman who came to pray said, “It’s sad. And now I’m hearing
                                             there were kids.”
Her husband said, “They jump off the train and get picked up.”
A congressman wondered if the Secretary of Homeland Security will                                                                                         even mention their names.
San Antonio locals known the area as a “drop-off spot” for migrants.
Police were searching for the driver who abandoned the truck.
                                             They had canines going through the woods.                                            More than 44,000 illegal crossings recorded last month.
Governor Abbott wants to defend the country from migrants.
They are driven by violence, natural disasters and COVID.
San Antonio is a major transit point. He’s spent billions                                                                                                                on border guards. But it hasn’t stopped                                                                                                  the flow of migrants. But he has statistics.
The governor points to deadly open border policies                                                                                                                       and deadly consequences.
                                             He says, “These deaths are on Biden.”
Migrants from India, Russia, Senegal and elsewhere
                                             cannot expeditiously be removed
                                             because their countries cannot accept them
                                             and so they can enter the U.S.
It was not clear where the people who were found on Monday                                                                                                    had come from.
The governor’s roundups are dubbed “Operation Lone Star.”
                                              He pays for buses to take migrant to D.C.
                                              and drop them off at the U.S. Capitol.
                                              He is a regular on Fox News.
A pandemic rule expelled migrants swiftly. President Biden used it
                                              to turn away millions. But canceled Trump’s                                                                                        stay-in-Mexico policy.
                                              The pandemic rule will be lifted and
                                              Federal officials expect thousands daily.
                                              The policy has also given migrants  to come.
                                              Biden will appeal.
Beto O’Rourke wants human smuggling rings dismantled
                                               and replaced with legal avenues.
Archbishop Garcia-Siller said on Twitter,
                                               “Lord have mercy on them….
                                               The lack of courage to deal with immigrations                                                                                     is killing and destroying lives.”
As temperatures climb, migrants dehydrate and die.
The Frio River west of San Antonio has been drying up.