It wasn’t raining. That’s for sure. We kissed
and made up. You hugged me and for the first time
in a long time I hugged you back. Hard.
You crept down the stairs. One foot
in front of the other as if at any minute
you’d fall off Earth.
Three of us sat together in the dark. I was happiest.
You unbuttoned your bottom lip
and whispered, Is this real and we both whispered back
No. A clock chimed. Backward.
Does it make sense now?
Before you left I said I love you.
You said Oh, I didn’t know but I knew you did.
Your eyes looked like twin tunnels.
The dog whined at the door so I turned the lock.
All day we held hands, first yours in mine
then mine in yours. I would never tell anyone else this:
the last time you looked at me like that
I cried for days.