My experience with the vaccine is
that it’s done super well at showing me
how much I am used
to sleeping on my left side
by taking it completely away.

As such, I had to play
the most uncomfortable game
of exhaustion roulette.
Which contortion of the body
gets dropped into unrestful slumber?

And I certainly lost that game.
Every muscle and bone hates me right now 
and there’s an electrical storm in my brain.
Sunlight seems like it would burn my eyes out
and please don’t hit me with any loud sounds.

It’s like the shape my body got locked in
cut off the circulation of spiritual energy
and my recharge fizzled out
like the drool that pooled on my bedsheets.
I have no motivation.

Sorry if we had some plans made
because they might have just been cancelled.
Sorry if this is the only sign of life
I’m able to pour myself into today;
fortunately, it is still young.

But if this is what you have to do
to get through a day sometimes,
I’m okay with the occasional reclusion.
True friends will smile and say see you next time
while you commit your day to just getting yourself off the floor.