From the innermost

Cave of her being

Nothing grew

All was barren of life

Salted by rocks

That stood and hung

Dripping innermost tears

Collecting pools of grief

Puddling as lakes filled with pain

Anguish rippling along the surface of amongst the sandy floor

Pain bellowed here in this quiet

A loud roar but as a whisper that echoed only for her to hear

With wind sweeping in and out

Like how leaves move in their hysteria

Barely hanging on to their limbs

Earth knew her pain, sat with this before

The moss stood tall, raising its body from sleek rocks

Feeling the electricity in the air

The anger the Earth felt

The pain she kept buried inside these caves

Hidden under rock

Shadowed by the sunburnt leafs above

Thunder echoed

Reverberated against the ribs of the mountains

Battering, clanging

Rising up in the her throat

Crying out over a leafy canopy

Then her cries hailed down through the green

Washing down the pain

Cascading creating a thick muck

Onto the earth below