HER bronzed wide shoulders tensed
like pink marble, 
ready to skewer a foe or flee
such classic dignity in alarm

I WILL calm you
proud soldier, distainful of the charms
I feel as essence
before you run away
on smooth sleek legs
fallen then in wiggling centipede toes
frantic on your chitinous back
pinned into place by the archetype
of a remorseless end
dilated pupils
fixed gaze upward from
the valley of decision
as you take a woman’s form again

settle into a regular rhythm
not distraught, not accepting
not a vulnerable
confused bird jumping 
at a touch
almost nothing
I am drawn in, mesmerized
wanting to direct you
but you vanish
like a fairy whose 
work is done
or Mary,
Mother of God.

shy virgin
who bewitches

CARELESS of your
not meaning harm
in truth distracted

WE THE invisible limbo dwellers
bathe in your brief anxiety and lick
like spoiled children
a taste like honey
my slug of tongue struck
silent by your lightning 
gaze beyond this balded head,
leaving a burning tree
trunk that will smolder
on the horizon
for three days

a sign