When I seized time my striving ruled each day
I knew the ways of other men
I saw their minds agreed
To taking and dividing things
And making others kneel

I took up weapons for their wars
I let my name to be called and
Answered yea to things
I knew were wrong
Without complaint

And then at last in wasted age
Christianized like a savage
was one who said rote prayers 
In church each day
Wished all who stood before him harm
Counting out his time
Not expecting life to give him peace

I opened a book unsettled, bored
To ease a little crush upon my chest
And read the words
Be still and know that I am God

And  most peculiar felt so still
Between two heartbeats in a pause
And found my mother’s love
There in that silence uncontrived
That separates breath from life
All else was anathema
Hurrying to death
And cried in church