Beauregard weighs nearly two-ten
(the old St. Bernard from Nestle Inn).
he lays out front, in the grassy yard,
to protect his precious Hildegard.

Hildegard is an unusual name
(Beauregard, too, though they’re nearly the same).
Beauregard–the dog–is a very good friend,
Hildegard–his human–her love has no end.

Nestle Inn sits near Boffer’s Junk
(owned by a man too often drunk).
on the other side, St. Pillory’s Chapel
a church for drunks, sinners, and rascals.

Mr. Boffer walks to church, faithfully, twice a week
(passing Beauregard, and sneaking a peek).
he waves “hello” if Hildegard is out,
and gives Beauregard a cheerful shout.

the man sometimes is awkward—he loses his feet,
yet he has own charm, and his bright smile is sweet.
Beauregard sees, in Hildegard’s eyes,
a love that is growing, tender and wise–

seeing past the junkman’s pain,
to the smile that brings a smile again.
it wasn’t long before “I do”.
Beauregard, now? Well, now, he guards two.