shifting under the weight
the time the moving spinning everythingness
the yearning that lights your burning heart
my mother’s face, orbiting above me
was my mind collapsing in on itself
of guessing where it all began
Depression and Anxiety
melt, one into another
hammering the skull, dimming reality
carrying bundles of bees
the mind a cage–a key awaits 
takes a millisecond for everything to change forever
this body the wide indifferent ocean
drown is a verb    

~ Cento from lines of various poems of Lexington Poetry Month 2017. Thank you to upfromsumdirt, T.M. Thomson, J. Wise, Rae Cobbs, Chuck Clenney, Amanda Corbin, Elizabeth Beck, K. Bruce Florence, Aaron Kerfoot, Edelweiss Meadows-Millstone, Melva Sue Priddy, Christopher McCurry for intriguing lines to work with.