I let you sedate me like a dog
To quiet me through the flight
I didn’t want to cry, watching how
The world spins from above it
And the cities become insignificant 
I am transfixed by vanishing
I let myself numb into only a vague
Sense of being. The pills wash down
Easy with practice or when your 
Hands are clamped over my mouth
And I settle into only a shape 
Like the clouds morphed into faces
Dissolving into soft autumn rain 
And I wonder calmly where I am
Being taken to. I let you choose
Dart-on-map and surrendered
To whatever future I’m now pinned to
I hope for somewhere slow and lonely
A place where I can stay like this
Without thinking, void of everything
That led me to daydreaming of
Islands and ghost towns
And benadryl bottles