To be a child, left behind
Dad’s run off to Mexico

So do as you please
have plenty of sugar
but don’t watch tv

Mom’s working and sad
Big brother’s kinda mean
but he’s got your back
and a most excellent promise

the bicycle a symbol
of progress and freedom
the phone, another invention
to put us in touch

Frogs absorb the world through their skin
Their hearts under threat from dissection and chloroform
just like in Black Stallion
Our hero knows to free them

“Is he OK?”
“He’s feeling everything”
and Elliot is too
and little Gertie
in real life abandoned and abused

42 years later, Mathison’s still not heeded
What is it about the world
which still doesn’t understand
The power of feeling and the power of love

John Williams score creates so much emotion
and when the bicycle gang rides into the sky
our hearts soar
once again, for Brotherhood and freedom
but also for trusting those feelings

One thing about that movie
besides giving two men
the most illustrious careers-
It sold a lot of Reeses
and it probably stopped children
from dissecting live creatures in school
after 1982