A poem a day keeps the doctor away
No, wait – that’s wrong
A poem a day keeps the clouds away
Nope – that’s not right either

Writing a poem a day
is a hard thing to do
That indeed, is very true…


Every time I go outside
A blackbird yells at me
Never did a thing to him
He should leave me be

I water all the birdies
And keep the cats at bay
The blackbird should be thankful
That he’s alive today

Instead, he brings his buddies
And they flock around the bath
Keeping others far away
Inspiring birdie wrath 

The aftermath is dreadful
Not a pretty sight to see
Feathers laying all about
In colors A to Z

I just made that last part up
The birds don’t really fight
Instead, they drink and bathe and chat
And then return to flight.