Will I throw one for two
Chrips and flutters
   are the only answer
One act
Rear my arm back
   like a little boy
   palm first
Can I throw all existence
   and interrupt two jays who
   chatter from a honeysuckle 
   bush – rush their thrust
   for flight

Who knows one stone
Who knows two birds

Yes, the jays annoy
   anyone who cares for
   fairness, they’re trying
   to get more than just
   the seed they need
Could this be what God meant?

One for two
And where is Zero
The jays say zero is betwixt
   one and two, us and you

My arm is locked & rocked
Two birds               One stone
   and the infinite space
   between intent and act
Enough time for the big bang
   and the formation of black
   holes and the whole universe
   to stop