He is an entity who slid through interdimensional membranes to meet me
in a barn. 
(I am a hobbyist medium for light entities from beyond the ether)
a pale thing the size of a fist with thin legs and wings like a fly
Born of pure bittersweetness;
a dense little embodiment
of the feeling of losing something you never had
A whole life being the dog
watching other dogs play through the window

Sometimes angels need batteries when they are made suddenly physical
and when I first installed his, he sent out waves of pain so saturated
that I began to weep immediately
And for a long time he wouldn’t tell me why he came here
Or why he called on me to sew him a physical body
Or even his name
He just cried in wavelengths
And wiggled his little legs
Like a baby does when it’s bored of its own sounds

But today he stopped- a sudden break to breath as anguish always takes
His name
is Birthday Sprimkle
like Birthday Sprinkles, But just one,
He chose his name because he has a sense of humor
An important trait when you are a minor angel of hurting and loving.

And he told me felt cut away
like rot in an apple
from two worldly things, and that made his pain
The feeling of falling in love
and also of sitting in the rain

I said well I only know one of those, sorry

But I put him in the bathtub under an umbrella
So his batteries wouldn’t get wet
And it seemed to bring him some peace.