tears that glisten in her eyes
and dance a slow waltz in pale moonlight
i’m leaning forward for soft spoken words
passed a tangent stare into dangerous dark
she’s unfolding another fissuring woe
enduring his latest most diabolical show
accusations and layered on shame
it’s clear that her spirit’s a dying flame

i long to touch her in a genteel way
holding back she may not be ready
what is true can be a hard to receive
when one has lived years under the wrong love
and though the moon will now drift away
it’s not without a promise to make
starlight eventually reaches the earth
and another will rise to rule the night

Black Moon Lilith will soon plot her course
‘cross the cosmos across our hearts
once again to claim her lunar throne
sharing her influence on the hurting like you
i will be the knight by her side
waiting to face down this blossoming war
because i know you hate how wronged you’ve been
disrespected mistreated made to hate yourself

So rage.
Power is swinging back into your favor
as memories of yourself complete your awakening.
Forces of good swirl around you;
Black Moon Lilith is lifting you high.
Freedom of emotion is the purest revolution.
Your life is your own
and your cage is unlocked.
As much as you are able,
pulling free of the shadow cocoon
he has built around you.
Put yourself into the world in a way
that can only do good for the next victim
who will look at your redemptions and find belief
that the night is never completely without light.

it might take a little time but our queen
is determined to rule once more in the sky
and make beautiful healing
of unnatural travesty
you will be the first on her empowering mind
and she will not give up until you are safe
until you are free until you can say
that you have finally found yourself again