I accept steel
I accept gargoyle 
I accept pearly gates
I accept shark
I accept Santa Claus
I accept cumulonimbus
I accept wishing well
I accept skyscraper
I accept polished stone dragon
I accept warm glow wax seal 
I accept hot sauce off the deep end
I accept blue suede shoe brain teasers
I accept Golden Gate campfire
I accept hot lava grapefruit
The Universe is Saint Nick: big enough
to bless us everyone on our small, small
trembleworld. I accept, I accept. 
The problems come when we show weakness:
corrupt, doubt, expect. Over the rainbow
is a friend, an answer, the next best step, 
an olive, meat, and cheese platter: 
I accept. I accept. Do you accept?
Inspired by “Navigating Grief: A Guided Journal” and Paint Chip Poetry