Stare into your off- brand Honey Nut Cheerios and almond milk. 
You eat it over the same sink you wash away the bone powder from your arms with everyday…

Buying groceries today was a victory.

But nobody has the time to care. 

So smile for yourself. 

My troubles run deep. 

“These are the days of our lives. “

I sleep in my van, that has all my things,
outside of my employer. 
I cremate the deceased.
I’m saving for an apartment. 
My life was ruined.
My desire to accept toxicity poisoned me.
Confidence in a coma.
Nearly five years.
I’m starting anew.
I’m also branded. 
Off- brand.
An off- brand human. 
Another person who hasn’t got their shit together. 
Another not good enough yet. 
Disregard the lack of a life I’ve lived for five years. 
Disregard my mental state. 
I tapped out. 
I needed to have nothing. 

To become nothing. 

To bloom again. 


A seed in your garden
that gave you a plant
began as a seed in a packet of seeds
you never gave a shit about.