What do you want?
I want a ring
on every finger
and that little mug
in the window
of the art store
I want my head out
the window
and in the air 
and my mouth
wide open,
full of bugs,
I want to chop
on sagebrush
with my big boy saw
because that shit
sucks to rip out
of the ground.
I want roots
that go that deep
and spin that thick
and that kick the living
hell out of 21 year olds
who don’t know
what living is.
I want to drive
that F250 down
straight dirt roads
that never end
and never tell you
where you’re going.
I want to punch
that boy who called
me whore
and thought he knew
who I was!
Blue Baby,
what do you want?
What do I want!
I want the world
to stop turning
while I’m standing
in the same damn place.